Detox Wellness Retreat

“Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.”


Equilibrium is a project that originate with the intention to bring to the awareness that the balance of the body and of the mind is the first step to the health . Four days of Detox dedicated to yourself. A personalized program that includes a combination of detox meal, fruit and vegetable extract, pranayama (breathing technique), meditation, somato-emotional and craniosacral therapies

After your stay of four days you will feel brighter and lighter going back to being the real you

• Yoga lessons
• Pranayama (yoga breathing technique)
• Individual emotional therapy
• Individual craniosacral therapy
• Personalized detox
• Integral purification (Shankprankshalan)
• Special supplements to reduce heavy metals
• 4 nights in the accommodation chosen